Frequently Asked Questions

Search for your mobile devices and add them to the shopping cart, just as you would when shopping online. Then create an order and book your mobile devices with Foxway. Once you receive your mobile devices, Foxway will make the payment via bank transfer.

Search for your mobile phone or another device using the search box. Answer all the questions asked and enter the IMEI or serial number of the device. In the last step, fill in all the required data and send the trade-in. Instructions on how to pack and ship a device will be shared via email. The shipping label will also be sent by email. Please follow the instructions and send your device.

Recycled mobile devices are sold and reused in developing countries. In many of these countries, landlines can be expensive or simply unavailable. Used mobile phones are an affordable and sustainable means of communication that help businesses work more efficiently and families stay in touch more easily.

No. A trade-in is only possible in United Kingdom.

Use the search box on the website to find your device by either starting to enter the name or entering IMEI or serial number. Then answer the 4 simple questions and the final value of the device will be displayed.

We accept all mobile device conditions – from fully functional to powerless. If your device cannot be found by name, it is not eligible for trade-in.

Yes, Foxway buys all condition equipment. You can determine your equipment condition using the grading questions displayed on the website.


  • Fully intact, with no physical damage and a working device with battery.


  • Physical damage
  • Missing parts (SIM tray, stylus, etc.)
  • Defective keys
  • Defective camera, keyboard, speakers, microphone, etc.

Defective LCD:

  • Defective display/LCD
  • Defective touch screen
  • Burnt screen (check for white background!)
  • Dead pixels
  • LCD is not completely covered with glass
  • Unrepairable:
    • Defective motherboard (PCB), severe physical damage (e.g. the unit is broken in half)

No power:

  • Cannot be switched on
  • Does not start up completely (does not boot up, freezes when switched on)
  • Badly damaged (missing LCD, built-in battery is blown)
  • Unit will only switch on when connected to the charger
  • Device has signs of corrosion on the frame, in the headphone jack, in the charging port and in the SIM slot, which may indicate to liquid damage


  • iCloud activation lock
  • CheckMend blocked ( / Blacklisted by operator

You can find the exact model of the phone under Settings and Info or somewhere in the menu of the mobile phone. For older mobile phones, the mobile model may also be on the label under the battery.

We only need the mobile device and the battery. Please keep SIM and memory cards. If you do not need chargers or other accessories, you can also send them with the device, but no extra money will be paid for them.

One after the other

Cracked screen is considered faulty. If the LCD also has damage due to the crack, then the LCD is faulty.

If you cannot test your mobile device because the battery is flat, the mobile device must be exchanged as No Power. If we assess the device and find that it works, we will pay a new assessment price.

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a serial number unique to each mobile device. This is usually printed on the back of the mobile device or under the battery. You can view the IMEI of the mobile device on the screen by entering *#06#.

We do not accept stolen or locked mobile devices. We check all mobile devices received through the Checkmend service – a crime protection database to ensure that each mobile device is not locked or registered stolen.

Different manufacturers have different solutions for erasing data from mobile devices. Usually it is under Settings – Reset.
The easiest way is to search for your device on Google.

Your mobile device is either obsolete or worthless to Foxway.

Foxway cares about the environment and by recycling your mobile device you are helping to keep potentially harmful substances out of landfill. If it’s a new model and you think it might be worth something, please email us and we’ll see if we can add it to the site.

We will play the price listed at the time of your order, provided we receive the mobile device within 14 days. After this time, we reserve the right to pay you the value listed at the time of processing.

Foxway will only return handsets in certain circumstances, for example if there is a dispute about the condition of the handset.

If you have listed the mobile device incorrectly, we will change it to the correct model and pay the current price. We will also change the value if you have listed the condition incorrectly (we can upgrade your mobile device from Damaged/Faulty to Working). If you think the mobile device is Damaged/Faulty but are not sure, list it as Operational. However, please note that we may downgrade it to Damaged/Faulty.

Foxway will send you the shipping label in the email once you have successfully placed the trade-in order.

Postage is free of charge

You do not need to send in the charger. We only need your mobile device and the battery. You can send it, but no extra value will be paid for it.

If the order has been processed, unfortunately it is not possible to return your SIM/memory card as they have been destroyed. If your order is still pending, please email us with your details and we will try to save the cards when they are processed. Foxway will be happy to return your memory/SIM card.

You will be notified by email when your mobile devices have been processed. Alternatively, you can check the status by sending us an email with your details.

The bank transfer is made on the 2nd working day we receive your mobile devices and takes up to 48 working hours to arrive in your account.

Once we have received and checked your mobile devices, payment will be made by bank transfer no later than the 2nd working day after we receive your mobile devices.

If registration has taken place on the website and you have received the confirmation email but have not yet sent your device, simply email us and we will cancel the transaction.
If you have already sent your phone but we have not yet processed and paid for it, please also email us and we can return your phone.
If the order has already been processed and the money paid, there is unfortunately no way to cancel the transaction.

If you have inadvertently submitted incorrect personal details, please email us with the correct details and we can change them in our system.